Superdrug to Start Offering Botox Instore – But is it in Line With Their Cruelty-Free Ethos?

High street retailer Superdrug have announced that they are going to be offering botox treatments instore, but many are concerned about the product that is going to be made available, and whether it will be in line with their cruelty-free ethos.

Animal rights groups are concerned about the production of the chemical used, and Barney Reed, Senior Scientific Officer at the RSPCA, said: “Most people having these injections are probably unaware of the animal suffering the testing of these types of products can cause.

“They would no doubt be horrified to find out that their desire for a wrinkle free face may lead to lab animals experiencing suffering.”

As botox is used for medical uses and not just in the cosmetics industry, it is required to undergo tests. Experts have linked reality TV shows with the rise in demand for cosmetic surgery, with some contestants admitting to cosmetic surgery. Surgeons have warned the public of considering the risks of botox and have reminded consumers that it shouldn’t be compared to be as simple as getting a wax.

On Twitter, the RSPCA Lab Animals account (@RSPCA_LabAnimal), said: “Extremely disappointed with @superdrug. Demand for injections of botox-type products directly increases lab animal suffering. Each batch of this toxin is tested by injecting into mice, which can experience paralysis, respiratory distress, impaired vision and suffocation.”

Many people shop at Superdrug for their cruelty-free ethics; however, some people may be driven away by this decision. Superdrug is reportedly working with Allergan, the suppliers of the product, to use methods which do not harm animals to develop the product.

Superdrug are yet to confirm whether this is the case, but we can only hope that alternative methods will be used and that no animals will be harmed during the production process.