Taiwan Eradicating All Single-Use Plastic by 2030

Taiwan are eradicating all single-use plastic by 2030 in efforts to improve the conditions of the oceans and preserve marine life. The decision to stop using single use plastic was made by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

The first stage of the ban comes into force next year, with food and drink outlets not being permitted to serve beverages with plastic straws for in-store use. By 2025 customers will be expected to pay a surcharge to use a plastic straw, before the complete ban comes into force in 2030.

In 2020, the distribution of disposable plastic shopping bags and disposable utensils and containers will be illegal for retailers who purchase them on a uniform invoice basis. Fees on this will be introduced by 2025. By 2030 the use of all disposable plastic items will be subject to a blanket ban, including plastic drinking cups, single-use utensils and bags.

Minister Lee-Ying said: “You can use steel products, or edible straws – or maybe you just don’t need to use straws at all.”  He added: “There is no inconvenience caused at all.”

He made it clear that this is not just the responsibility of his agency (EPA), but the public have to also take responsibility for the use of plastic and not use it unnecessarily. He commented that this new initiative will make the environment better for future generations.

Yen Ning, an ocean campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia added that she hopes the ban on single-use plastic will see the introduction of more paper based utensils and that single use chopsticks could be implemented in the future.




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