Tempeh Producers Launch New Online Shop

Tempeh Producers Launch New Online Shop

Tiba Tempeh has Launched their Online Shop in Lieu of UK Lockdown


With the coronavirus lockdown in place, food shopping is getting increasingly harder, and in some supermarkets, vegan food is becoming difficult to find. Not only that, but social distancing can make shopping very stressful for many.


However, help is at hand, as many vegan companies are making sure they keep their websites going and many independent food producers are launching online supermarkets for the occasion, ensuring there are plant-based food options for everyone.


Tempeh producers Tiba Tempeh are amongst these suppliers that are now taking online orders. From From 12:00pm today (Tuesday 31st March), the company will be selling its products via its website – something they have never done before.


tiba tempeh

Since the brand’s initial launch in November 2019, Selfridges,
Whole Foods, Planet Organic and over 500 Holland & Barrett stores stock the delicious meat substitute. Although loyal to these stockists, Tiba Tempeh wants to ensure their customers can access their goods from the comfort of their own home, especially with more and more people going into complete isolation.


Founder of Tiba Tempeh, Alex Longton, commented: “Our philosophy is planted in simplicity with our traditional tempeh block being made with just three simple, natural ingredients of organic soybeans, live cultures and water. For our flavoured tempeh pieces and burger, we only add our special blend of natural herbs and spices”.


To get your hands of their delicious tempeh, head to their website, click on the ‘Shop Now’ tab in the menu and add your tempeh to the basket.


There will be free delivery on orders over £20.00, or anything under £20.00 will incur a delivery charge of £4.95 for all UK delivery.

Normally all items are £3.50 in-store, but they will be launching with an offer of £3.00 per item.


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