Tesco launch app to help cook vegan Christmas dinners

UK supermarket, Tesco, has released an app to help people cook vegan meals, just in time for the Christmas period. It is expected that 48 per cent of Christmas dinner hosts will be serving a meat-free option, catering for either a vegan or vegetarian guest.

The Festive Menu Helper allows users to put in the exact information needed for recipe inspiration, catering to a range of different dietary requirements. Simply input the amount of guests attending your Christmas celebrations, and select the vegan option to reveal plant-based recipes.

Options for a starter include Tesco Finest Thai Inspired Rolls, followed by a Tesco Finest Vgan Roasted Vegetable Galette accompanied by roast sweet potatoes with rosemary and lemon. Desserts on offer include a self-saucing date and caramel pudding, the perfect dish to finish off Christmas dinner. Wine suggestions are also made, such as Tesco Finest Gaillac Perle.

Users can tailor the menu to their needs, or let the menu helper offer suggestions for the perfect plant-based Christmas dinner.

Tesco has increased their vegan offerings this Christmas, following a 50 per cent increase in demand for chilled and frozen vegan food throughout 2018. The retailer also noted plant-based food as the biggest trend of 2018, with the movement expected to carry through to 2019.

Wicked Kitchen was one of Tesco’s biggest launches, and a festive sandwich has been added to the range over the Christmas season.

Derek Sarno, director of plant based innovation at Tesco, said: “People looking for plant centred options for holiday meals no longer need to worry about being considered an afterthought at the Christmas dinner table or party.

“In fact, the only thing they’ll need to consider is making sure these mouth-watering dishes don’t get snatched from under their noses by other guests.

“From party food treats to doubling the amount of veg centrepieces, vegans have never had more choice at Christmas than now.”


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