TGI Fridays have launched new vegan options on their UK menu, following on from their recent addition of the Beyond Burger as part of a Meatless Monday promotion in their US restaurants. The Beyond Burger is not available in the UK however; the new vegan options are a welcomed addition to the menu.

The vegan options are smoked tomato bruschetta, roasted veg Alfredo pasta, garlic ciabatta bread, avocado houmous and a garlic veg fajita. Terry McDowell, the head of food and drink at TGI Fridays UK, and creator of the new menu said: “Fridays has always been on the cusp of new food trends in the UK, and we felt the time was right to put a focus on new vegan items on our menu to cater to the ever-increasing demand.”

He added: “Fridays is all about being inclusive, and the latest menu change allows us to cater to everyone who wants to try Fridays’ famous, bold flavours.”

TGI Fridays is renowned for being a restaurant with options isn’t vegan-friendly, and the new items are helping the restaurant expand into the market as veganism continues to grow. Many other restaurants, food outlets and supermarkets, have caught onto the growing number of people who are making the change to take on a vegan lifestyle, or plant based diet, with ranges such as Wicked Kitchen proving to be a big hit after their release in January.

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