The Airlines Shipping Monkeys to their Death

No matter what our reasons for flying, be it for business or pleasure, air travel has become an integral mode of transport for many us.  It is particularly relevant now summer is here and many of us will be jetting off on our holidays.

However, what the majority of us don’t realise is that air travel is also a way of transporting other cargos, including live animals.

Monkeys are the main cargo on airlines and unfortunately, their destination is not a happy one. Many are sent to laboratories to be tested on for medicine and cosmetics where they will eventually die from the experiments.  Before they even reach the laboratory, these poor animals are restrained in plastic tubes, have breathing devices shoved up their noses and are shackled in painful looking devices so they can be transported ‘safely’ on the flight, many dying on route. Others sustaine painful injuries as a result of the severe pain and stress the arduous journey puts them through with some flights lasting up to 30 hours.

Despite numerous campaigns by animal charities such as PETA and Cruelty Free International, who routinely campaign and petition in a bid to stop this torturous mode of transport, there are still airlines participating in this inhumane practice of transportation, in particular Air France. The French airline has been challenged many times over the years with various protests in the form of petitions, campaigns, and pleas from influential figures such as ‘Babe’ film star and animal activist James Cromwell, singer Peter Gabriel and Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince.

Back in 2012, PETA began an urgent campaign to prevent the shipment of 60 live monkeys from Africa to an American laboratory. The petition was successful, however, since then Air France have continued these cruel flights and show no signs of stopping them.

Thankfully, Russian Airline ‘AirBridge Cargo’ have announced recently that they will no longer participate in the shipment of live primates thanks to PETA, who have relentlessly fought against the vicious practice of transporting monkeys via air travel for two years.

This is certainly good news for the monkeys, but it still leaves a few more air lines who are yet to ban air travel for animals.

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