The vegan products you need on your radar this month


Calendula Cream

A 100 per cent natural, soothing emollient for adults and children over three years. Made with pure plant oils, home grown herbs and nothing else.
30ml for £10.95,


Sugarplum Lip Balm

A tinted lip balm to nourish and hydrate lips made with cocoa butter, castor seed, moringa and jojoba oils. It also comes in plastic-free, home compostable packaging!


Chamomile Night Cream

This cream blends soothing chamomile, aloe vera, nourishing jojoba seed oil and antioxidant packed grapeseed oils - all of which can help to regenerate and repair your skin.

R + Co Bleu

Featherlight Hairspray

This hairspray is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, colour-safe AND boasts packaging that is made from post consumer recycled plastic.


Scalp Purifying Scrub

A two-in-one scrub that gently exfoliates the surface of your hair and scalp, using apple cider vinegar, AHAs and sugar.

Inika Organic

Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in Khaki Dessert

Two gorgeous and complimentary shades of eye shadow, made from naturally pressed pure minerals for long-wear colour.

Kin Kind

CLEAR my head! Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

With a fresh apple fragrance, these shampoo and conditioner bars work wonders for itchy and flaky scalp, all while helping you to reduce your plastic use.
From £12.15,


Bergamot and Neroli Deodorant Balm

Want something that keeps you smelling fresh all day? That is 100 per cent natural and aluminium-free, and without sodium bicarb? FRUU is here for you.

By Sarah London

Lauren, co-founder of By Sarah London talks to us about the sibling-founded beauty company

Tell us about By Sarah London.

By Sarah London is the sister-founded skincare brand, inspired by my sister's recovery from life threatening leukaemia and my journey to formulating innovative skincare to restore her sensitive skin.

We know what it's like to have sensitive skin and feel overwhelmed and underserved by skincare: our collection actively supports the health of the skin by promoting a healthy skin microbiome through scienceled formulas rich in plant-based nutrients, enzymes and lipids. No fragrance, no essential oils, no hidden surprises.

Why was the company founded?

I saw my sister, Lauren's skin become so sensitive, fragile and at times, so sore during her cancer treatment, and discovered the healing power of plant oils to restore her skin.

By bringing radical transparency to skincare - with full transparency of formula on the front label - we are empowering women and men of all ages to enjoy happy, healthy skin. It's a powerful purpose that's at the heart of our brand.

What makes By Sarah London special?

We have been on such a roller coaster journey and now we get to share my formulations with so many women and men who are experiencing the trans formative benefits of our skincare, not just for their skin, but their mental health too.

Freeing themselves from the excess and clutter of many cosmetics products; streamlining their skincare into their By Sarah London favourites.

What are your hero products?

Our Organic Facial Oil was the first formula I developed for Lauren and has picked up more than 380 five-star reviews and is loved by beauty editors.

More than this, it's truly loved by our customers - every amber bottle of golden plant oils delivers on its promise of simplicity and efficacy.

Our Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil is our beautiful daily cleanser that's wonderful to use morning and night. And just a few drops of our Organic Hair Oil after each hair wash keeps hair so soft and swishable.

Anything exciting in store for the future?

So much! We have just launched our NEW Desert Rose Moisture Retention Complex Hydration Mist which is a summer skin saviour, I love to spritz throughout the day to maintain a healthy skin barrier and instantly achieve a radiant glow.

We have more exciting innovations coming soon, plus exciting partnerships that we can't wait to share - stay tuned! You can keep in the loop with all our news by following @bysarahlondon on social.

By Sarah London

Desert Rose Moisture Retention Complex Hydration Mist

A gorgeously natural spray that will help to revitalise your skin throughout the day, giving you a fresh, glowing complexion. £30,


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