The vegan products you need on your radar this month

Botanical Lab

Hemp & Matcha Tea Clarifying Face Mask

A mask to detoxify, unclog pores and improve skin's texture.

Hair Gain

Hair Gain Gummies

Hair Gummies contain clinically proven organic pea shoot powder, which will help to kick start hair growth.
£29.99 for one month's supply,

Faith in Nature

Avocado Conditioner

This conditioner contains antioxidant vitamin E and avocado oil - nature's secret to nourishing and revitalising hair.

Skin Academy

Zero Face Scrub

Essential oils help to hydrate, whilst apricot seeds remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and clear.


Menstrual Cup

This menstrual cup means less landfill waste and, for every purchase, Bettercup donates one to someone in desperate need of period supplies.

INIKA Organic

Reserveratrol Serum

A skin radiance-enhancer to help firm and nourish skin, with powerful bioactives and antioxidants.

Friendly Soap

Aloe Vera Soap

Natural moisturising oils and nourishing aloe vera make this soap perfect for delicate skin.

What are Friendly Soaps aims and goals as a brand?

We're a bit obsessive at Friendly, and our brand ethics underpins everything here. We want to live and work in a world where health, animal welfare, the environment and workers' rights are put before profit.

Brand transparency is of upmost importance and we are proud to have a Fair Tax Mark Certification and be an accredited Living Wage Employer. It's important to us to ensure our customers have a sustainable, healthy and affordable option without compromise.

Every Friendly product is approved by The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International and packaged and posted without the use of plastic.

What are your hero products?

All of our products are little heroes, but our Aloe Vera bath soap is the epitome of a Friendly product. Containing only the gentlest ingredients and not a single colourant. It's a pure, fragrance-free soap. Simple, soothing and altogether sublime.

We also get lots of amazing feedback from users of our ever-popular Shampoo and Conditioner bars. Customers love the fact that they can see an instant reduction in plastic usage.

Why should more beauty brands aim to be green and zero-waste?

Just as it's our duty as individuals to do better, it's also applicable to how we behave as a brand. As a business grows, so the potential damage done by any irresponsible decisions is scaled up correspondingly. If a company can stick rigorously to their morals, growth can actually bring ethical advantages as well as commercial ones.

It's a case of the bigger you get, the more good you can do! It's really satisfying to know that we are giving consumers a sustainable, healthy and affordable option without compromise.




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