The vegan products you need on your radar this month


Brow HQ

Brow Styling Soap
Complete with a bamboo spoolie, this styling soap will allow you to define and nourish your eyebrows for maximum impact.


All Tigers

Eyeshadow Pencil in 'Watch Me Reign' 311 Gold
A highly pigmented and easy-to-apply eye shadow made from natural ingredients.


BioSurice - The Healthy Zone

Smart Stick Multifunctional Balm
A nourishing infusion of organic waxes and vegetable oils that soothe, smoothen, hydrate and firm lips and skin.



Gradual Tanning Moisturiser
Attain a natural looking tan with this hydrating moisturiser from That'so.


Cheeky Panda

Biodegradable Face Wipes in Coconut
These 100 per cent biodegradable wipes are gentle on skin and the planet.
From £1.99



After Hours' Nail Varnish in Santorini Bikini
A beautifully vibrant polish for nails that want to be seen.



TrueSmooth Apple Vinegar Hair Rinse
This pre-wash hair and scalp treatment will help to purify your hair and bring its shine back!


ZERO by Skin Academy

Invigorating Face Scrub
A gentle skin exfoliator to smooth and brighten your complexion.


Natural Deodorant Co

Clean Deodorant Balm For Men
Packed in a plastic-free jar this creamy balm melts into underarm skin leaving a fresh scent that provides all-day odour protection.


Wild Pharmacy

Cool and Calm Toner
Deeply nourishing and antibacterial, this toner works wonders on problem skin and 'maskne'.



Glow Night Moisturiser
A powerful skin brightening night cream rich in vitamins C and E and antioxidants.

Our Remedy

Rachel Mason, founder of Our Remedy, talks to us about the natural wellness brand

Tell us about Our Remedy
Our Remedy is a natural wellness brand with a passion for sustainability and encouraging self-care during our cycle. We believe in happier periods, finding balance and caring for our planet.

Our range of CBD wellness oils and adaptogenic teas are lovingly made in the UK, totally vegan and packaged using eco-friendly materials. All of our products have been thoughtfully formulated to bring back balance to the wellness routines of those who menstruate or experience sleep disruption. Plus, for every product sold we donate to Bloody Good Period, the UK's leading Period Poverty Charity!

Why was the brand founded?
I've been through some fairly serious health issues over the past few years; from finding out I'd never conceive naturally, to doctors finding cancer cells on my ovaries which lead to a full hysterectomy by the age of 30. The anxiety caused by these health issues left me struggling to sleep and I'd lay awake at night tossing and turning in despair. Thankfully, I found balance and relief by introducing CBD into my wellness routine. Although I was cynical at first, after just a week of taking CBD daily I was sleeping better, waking up feeling refreshed and if I did wake up in the night, I'd go straight back to sleep. The only issue was that I couldn't find a CBD oil I liked the taste of (CBD is a natural plant extract and has a rather hemp/earthy flavour) or that resonated with my passion for sustainability, so I decided to create my own - and Our Remedy was born.

What are your hero products?
Our Moon Swings blend (peppermint, clary sage and CBD) is our much loved hero product - and it's actually the one product we launched with at the beginning of 2020. Tailored toward menstrual symptoms, it's a really refreshing product that can be dropped directly under the tongue or into your morning smoothie, tea or coffee daily! Lots of our customers love dropping their daily dose into a hot chocolate too, as it mixes to create the most delicious mint hot choc with an abundance of wellness benefits!

Is there anything exciting coming up?
We've had an incredibly exciting and successful first year in business. We went from one product to a range of four products - and this continues to increase as we grow. Our adaptogenic tea Oh My Flo launched at the beginning of the year and was incredibly well received - especially since it can be enjoyed alongside our Moon Swings oil. It's a delicious and fruity mix of goji berries, rosehip and raspberry leaf - teamed with Schisandra berries, an adaptogen used for centuries by alternative medicine practitioners to enhance energy, among other wellness benefits.

We're working on our second tea - a magnesium rich sleep blend - and we've also just launched our subscription service which we had so many requests for - CBD has become such a big part of wellness routines (especially throughout the pandemic) that people don't want to be without it.

For more from Our Remedy, visit

Our Remedy
CBD Moon Swings
CBD oil blended with peppermint and clary sage to bring you balance during your period.
From £28.99



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