The vegan beauty products you need on your radar this month

Nail Polish

Banana Blonde Nail Colour

Get ready for spring, with this fruity yellow nail varnish from NAIL.KIND.

Lola's Lashes

'Sundae' Limited Edition Throwback Lashes

Gorgeous false eyelashes that harness the power of nanofibers to create the most realistic, all-vegan lash on the market.

So Eco

Facial Cleansing Kit

A set of washable microfibre bamboo makeup cleansing pads and cloths that replace the use of 1,500 single-use pads.

Wavy Deo

Original Mojito Scent

A summer scented deodorant that's vegan and free from animal products and cruelty, plastic, parabens and aluminium.

Nylah's Naturals

Super Botanicals Restorative Conditioner

Restorative conditioner for afro and natural curly hair types, loaded with essential amino acids and nutrient-rich oils.

NP - Vegan

Vegan Life Immune Multi-Vit

Beauty starts from within, so look after yourself with multi-vits containing vitamins B12, D and Zinc.

We are Kind
We Are Kynd

CBD Balm 800MG CBD, 60ml

An organic CBD Balm that eases muscle soreness and recovery, joint pain, injuries, or skin conditions including psoriasis or eczema.

Evolve Beauty

Lip Treat Vegan Lip Balm

A caring lip balm blended with organic shea and cacao butter to nourish and replenish dry lips.

Evolve Beauty

Laura Rudoe, founder of Evolve Beauty chats to us about the wonderfully organic, sustainable brand

Tell us about Evolve.
Evolve Beauty is an artisanal range of vegan-friendly and cruelty free skin, hair and body care products, created to help people live a little bit greener every day. All our products are handcrafted by our team of artisans, using the finest natural and organic ingredients, in our wind energy powered Hertfordshire Eco-Studio.

Why was the company founded?
After graduating from Harvard Business school, I helped to set up another natural beauty brand called NUDE. I loved being a part of the green beauty revolution and this experience inspired me to take the plunge and create my own sustainable skincare range. I've also always been passionate about organic living and sustainability and so I knew that I wanted to build my business around these values. In 2009 I founded Evolve Beauty, and whilst the brand has grown and changed over the years, we've remained true to these core values.

What makes Evolve special?
Evolve is part of such an engaged community, who are just as passionate about sustainable and organic beauty as we are! It's amazing to see how many people are interested in changing aspects of their day to day lives in order to live a greener life. We believe that to make the biggest impact it's important to inspire lots of people to adopt small changes, rather than encouraging the few to change everything.

What are Evolve's hero products?
Our Hyaluronic Serum, Bio-Retinol Gold Mask and Gentle Cleansing Melt are some of our best-selling hero products.

Anything exciting in store for the future?
We've been busy blending up lots of products in our Eco Studio ready to launch in 2021, so watch this space for some exciting launches! We're also going to have a slightly different look in 2021, as we're swapping our cardboard boxes over to new Grass Paper boxes. Our new boxes will save 99 per cent of water use compared to traditional paper production.

Our long-term aim is to eventually become a regenerative business, which means our impact on the planet will not be zero, it will be positive.

For more from Evolve Beauty, visit or follow their Instagram @evolvebeautyuk


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