The Body Shop Parent Company Receives Cruelty Free International Accreditation

Natura, the parent company of The Body Shop, has been given accreditation from Cruelty Free International for the products, ingredients and safety testing methods used.

The Body Shop has always had the support of Cruelty Free International, but debate has been sparked in the past by their parent companies, and the ethics of the brand’s owners. The Body Shop was previously owned by unethical company L’Oréal, but the Brazilian brand was purchased by its new owners last year.

Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, said: “We are delighted to award the Leaping Bunny certification to Natura. We want to congratulate Natura for demonstrating it is possible to be a global and innovative brand without inflicting suffering on animals.

“The Leaping Bunny makes it easy or customers to make an informed and ethical decision about their shopping.”

Natura’s director of innovation and consumer safety, Roseli Mello, said: “This is an important cause for Natura. It is why we openly support the campaign conducted by The Body Shop in partnership with Cruelty Free International to end animal testing throughout the cosmetics industry.”


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