The companies who are ditching cruel animal attractions

Major brands and corporations have been taking positive and ethical approaches towards animal cruelty recently, by pulling out of sponsoring events and attractions that are considered unethical and cruel.

The first of these moral developments begins with Jack Daniel’s, the Tennessee whiskey company. They have recently retracted their 15 year sponsorship of the Iditarod Dog Race, a dog race that takes place in Alaska each year and forces dogs to run over 1000 miles in freezing conditions. Over 150 dogs have died since the race began but many more die from the abuse they receive from their owners if they fail to perform well or make the cut to race. The decision to pull sponsorship came after PETA organised numerous protests outside the whiskey makers main offices.

In addition to this, a documentary was made last year about the race called ‘Sled Dogs’, that exposed the truth about this race claiming to be the ‘first documentary to look at what happens at sled dog operations and the Iditarod once the tourists go home.’

Since then the race announced a substantial budget cut and has come under huge scrutiny about the unethical approach they take towards the dogs involved in the race.

Costco, Maxwell House, Nestlé, Pizza Hut, Rite Aid, and Safeway also cut ties with the event. Coca Cola however, are still sponsoring the race…

Another company who has taken the moral high ground when it comes to animal ethics is IMB (The International Business Machines Corporation). Up until recently, IBM sponsored an event in Thailand called the Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament but following another PETA campaign that highlighted the cruelty behind the ‘sport’ and footage taken by tourists was also revealed that exposed the repeated beatings with bull hooks (a sharp metal object) that the elephants received from their handlers.

Elephants receive a lot of abuse, particularly in Asia where they are used as tourists attractions, so many travel agencies have started to ban the sale of tickets to animal attractions in countries that use elephants as a tourist attraction. In addition to this, PETA have stated that the Guinness World Record have removed all mention of elephant polo records from the books.


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