The Grocery Store with No Price Tags

A new and one-of-a-kind grocery store is opening in Toronto Canada, putting a spin on the concept of grocery shopping.

The store is aptly named ‘Feed It Forward’ and provides everything one needs to stock their fridge and cupboards. What it doesn’t include however, is a price tag.

The brains behind this enterprising scheme is Chef Jagger Gordon, who wants shoppers to pay what they can for the items they purchase in the hopes that those who cannot afford basic groceries can still afford to eat, with the desired outcome being that food insecurity is diminished and food waste is reduced.

Every single provision in the store is donated by a number of businesses that supply the food chain such as farms, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and bakeries. Although the food is not rotten or past its expiry date, it could be bruised or visually ‘un fit’ and would therefore end up as landfill, when it is actually perfectly good still for consumption.

Any profit made from the store, goes towards paying rent and transport of provisions, while a team of over 600 volunteers help staff the store.


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