The Happy Pear and Their Plant-based Passion

The energetic and enthusiastic plant-based twins The Happy Pear, have been in the vegan news headlines recently and thankfully, only for positive reasons.

Back in June, the YouTube stars Stephen and David Flynn announced on their website and blog that they have released a new range of ready meals that are now available to buy in Waitrose supermarkets. The line of plant-based products includes various dips such as hummus and pesto, and ready meals including a ‘Shepherdless’ Pie and a Chickpea Curry.

The ready meals are all made from natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, colours, or flavourings and are low in fat and calories – the Shepherdless Pie for example only contains 292 per pack – which is great if you are also watching your waistline.

In addition to this, The Happy Pear have announced this week that they have been working on a project alongside Irish global packaging solutions company Zeus, to create a sustainable and compostable cup, that can be used in coffee shops and restaurants.

The cups are an alternative to single use coffee cups that are currently used in most food and beverage retailers and once used, the cups and lids can be thrown away in dedicated bins collected by Zeus and then composted.

The brothers are very focussed on producing more eco-friendly products that come in eco-friendly packaging and are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Even the vans they use run on compressed natural gas which is better for the environment, and at their production headquarters in Pearville, they use LED lights in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On The Happy Pear blog, they say “we have extensively reviewed our packaging and moved to more sustainable solutions… We are continuing to look for sustainable packaging solutions for some of our products….We are also working hard to reduce surplus food and food waste. We use any ‘unsellable’ fruit and vegetables from our stores in our employee lunches in Pearville, and our cafes donate any surplus food to local charities through food redistribution charity, FoodCloud. Even our coffee grinds from our cafés are used by local gardeners!”

This is really positive news when it comes to our environment and it’s reassuring to see food producers and food enthusiasts taking great strides when it comes to looking after the future of our planet.

Let’s hope more of us follow in the eco-friendly footsteps of The Happy Pear!