The Rise in Ethical Fashion

We are starting to see an ethical shift occurring on planet earth. Not just with the food choices we are making, but with our fashion choices too. Fast fashion has become quite an environmentally destructive affair with unethically produced clothing items and accessories littering high street shops everywhere.

Thankfully, we are finally starting to see a number of fashion designers making a conscious effort to create fashion lines that are not only animal friendly, but also eco-friendly. High street fashion brands such as Dr Martens  and The Kooples are starting to brand about the word Vegan. Even popular online fashion store ASOS have a section dedicated to vegan related fashion items and according  to a 2017 report by business consulting firm Grand View Research (GVR), the global faux fur industry is estimated to rise to $85 billion by 2025.

UK based accessories brand LaBante London are vegan certified by the charity PETA and produce luxury handbags and sunglasses that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced.  Vanita Bagri is the vegetarian Founder and CEO at LaBante and has strong views on plastic pollution, detailing on their website how the company are trying to tackle the problem “plastic, we hate it. We try not to use any of it. The sunglasses line is packaged in a bamboo case and cardboard box, no plastic. Handbags has one layer of plastic on the top which we are now moving into Cornstarch plastic, as soon as it touches the ocean it turns into fish food.”

Other UK based companies include Beyond Skin (although products are made in Spain) and Will’s Vegan Shoes (whose products are made in Italy and Portugal) who both produce footwear that is vegan certified by PETA and The Vegan Society.  In addition to this, Will’s Vegan Shoes are Carbon Neutral certified, holding the belief that “if we all try to Make A Positive Choice we can create positive change in the world” whilst striving to produce sustainable and ethical fashion that has a reduced impact on the environment.

Stella McCartney (the fashion designer of Meghan Markles Royal wedding dress) recently announced recently that she will be teaming up with the river rubbish clear up charity Thames 21. The designer is planning on creating fashion wear for sports brand Adidas by reusing recyclable rubbish to make the fashion items. In addition to this, in 2017 Stella, (daughter of musician Paul McCartney and Vegetarian sausage producer Linda McCartney) also teamed up with environmental campaigners Parley to produce an eco-friendly fashion line for Adidas.

Although this shift is welcomed in many eyes, the harsh truth is that many of us are still not aware of the devastating impact our unethical living choices are having on the environment. Fur is still an archaic yet popular fashion choice for many and leather is considered a by product of an excessively damaging industry known as animal agriculture.

By making more ethical fashion choices, we can set trends and make those who are unaware of the fact that cruelty free fashion can be accessible and stylish whilst banishing the idea that fashion is temporary, fast and disposable.


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