The UK's first vegan food hub launches at King's Cross Station

Plant-Based Pit Stop (PBPS) is the UK's first entirely vegan food hub

Founded by cousins, Nathan Holley and Red Guillermo-Culverwell, the Plant-Based Pit Stop (PBPS) features tasty plant-based products from four different vegan food traders, all under one roof.

Serving up everything from sweet treats and snacks, to superfood breakfasts and delicious lunches, the location of the food hub means it is targeted directly at local workers, commuters and potentially the odd tourist.

A Palm Greens nutritious salad
A Palm Greens nutritious salad

Nathan and Red commented: "Our mission is to collaborate with local businesses that have an exciting, fresh offering and provide commuters with an opportunity to try an alternative to their usual order."

"We want to create an environment where your everyday purchase is available... But it's just a plant-based version. With the momentum of the veganism movement, people are becoming more plant-curious to see how these alternatives compare - and at PBPS we want YOU to put them to the test."

The four vendors featured at Plant-Based Pit Stop include:

  • Mother Works

    An organic café with a conscience, serving up a menu of coffee, fresh juices, superfood porridge and soups.

  • Vida Bakery

    Known for their Insta-famous dairy, egg and gluten-free rainbow cake, along with their delicious cupcakes.

  • Palm Greens

    Nourishing 12+ ingredient salad bowls of greens and grains, with their throat-tickling ginger, miso soups.

  • Pipoca Vegan

    A family-run vegan and gluten-free crêperie and zero-waste shop, with sweet and savoury crêpes.

Plant-Based Pit Stop is located at King's Cross Square, open daily from 7 am - 7 pm.


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