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With veganism growing in popularity, seeking a cruelty-free lifestyle is becoming an important part of many peoples lives. However, finding makeup brands that encompass this goal can be quite challenging at times, especially for those who are new to the cruelty-free and vegan way of living.

Words such as cera alba are used in place of beeswax and obscurely named ingredients such as lanolin (derived from sheep wool) and shellac (a beetle secretion) are often key components in products, with consumers often unaware what they are truely derived from.

Thankfully, sought to solve this predicament and created a voting system using the polling website Cruelty-free beauty enthusiasts then cast their internet votes to reveal the top 20 most popular vegan brands.

e.l.f came in first place and Urban Decay in second. Vegan beauty brush specialists EcoTools came in third place.

The poll also acts as a useful guide to consumers, aiding them in their quest to find products deemed ‘safe’ to use that are free-from animal-based ingredients and the unnecessarily cruel practice of animal testing.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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