This gentle earth

By Alice Griffin

This gentle earth
Of rolling lands
Green and blue
Stretching sands
Doesn’t feel so gentle
In the wake
Of all the spills of blood we make.

This gentle earth
Cries out for love
And yet we crush her
With much mirth
Thinking, not of what we break
Instead only, of what we make.

This gentle earth
Poisoned and scarred
Earthlings broken
Near and far

And yet, do we reach out to hold
With compassion and nothing more?
To love only for love’s sake
Instead of looking at how to make…

Our walls higher
Divides wider
Traditions firmer
Segregation further
Food grander
Animals sadder

Instead of thinking:

One world
One love
One land
One being
Unity felt, and seen.

This Gentle earth
Cries out for love
To be at peace
Say ‘enough’

Enough war
Enough pain
Enough suffering
Enough hate
Enough separation
We are one nation.

This gentle earth
She rocks and sways
Unsteady beneath our feet
Yet we ask, ‘what can I be?’

To make it better, to heal these wounds
Forgetting that one person is enough
To be the change we want to see
Find compassion; sow the seeds.

This gentle earth needs
Just you and me.


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