Patty & Bun are increasing their vegan offerings across all their sites and partnering with innovative plant-based brand, THIS, to bring vegan ‘chicken’ and ‘bacon’ to everyone


The fast-food chain, Patty & Bun, will be the first UK eatery to serve THIS Isn’t Chicken and Isn’t Bacon. The new products were designed to fill a gap in the market for plant-based food, and entice omnivores as well as long-established vegans.


THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets and Isn’t Bacon Launching at Patty & Bun 1

THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets and Woopi Goldburger @Patty&Bun. JustinDeSouz


Mainly made up from soy beans, water and peas, THIS takes plant-based ingredients and introduces heat, pressure and water to produce a vegan product with a texture that’s like that of meat – but is cruelty-free!


From 3rd June, Patty & Bun will be serving up a plant-based version of a fast food staple, with the launch of THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets. THIS has also made a plant-based bacon that actually has the same look, taste and smell as bacon. Patty & Bun will be topping their vegan burgers with rashers of THIS Isn’t Bacon, including their Whoopi Goldburger and new vegan Pamela burger.


THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets and Isn’t Bacon Launching at Patty & Bun 2

THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets @Patty&Bun. JustinDeSouza


To develop their plant-based products, THIS has spent one and a half years working alongside food scientists to craft their plant-based offerings.


Patty & Bun founder, Joe Grossmannsays: “We’ve been working on our vegan menu for a while and are super pumped to be collaborating with THIS. Their bacon is next level!”


Andy Shovel, THIS co-founder, also comments: “THIS aims to be the go-to plant-based brand for meat-lovers, so Patty & Bun is an ideal launch partner for us – being so popular.”


“What’s super-exciting for us is that the P&B team are planning to showcase the products with creative, but also quite purist recipes – not drowning them in sauces or seasonings; that’ll allow our ingredients to stand out and really show people how meaty and delicious we can make plant-based food”.


THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets and Isn’t Bacon Launching at Patty & Bun 3

THIS Isn’t Bacon @Patty&Bun. JustinDeSouza


As well as the two new vegan meat-alternatives, Patty & Buns new vegan options will also include the new vegan Pamela burger and vegan Dr. Speculaas Biscoff milkshake.



Available from 3rd June.



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