This vegan seafood brand just won a whopping $26.35 million in funding

Good Catch’s investment shows that vegan seafood is growing in popularity


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Good Catch vegan seafood, owned by Gathered Foods, has announced that the company has secured a whopping $26.35 million USD in  funding, with investments from major firms around the world, including Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) and Big Idea Ventures.


This  funding will help Gathered Foods to push Good Catch vegan seafood to the forefront of the industry, as well as raise awareness for the importance of alternative fish products and veganism.


But this isn’t all – this recent investment follows on from another successful round of funding in 2020, where the company secured $36.8 million USD – Good Catch are going from success to success.


Last year’s money helped the brand scale up and expand its fish-free products, and also allowed them to open their own state-of-the-art vegan production facility in Heath, Ohio, US!


Gathered Foods will use this new round of funding to ramp up product innovation and dramatically increase the number of Good Catch vegan seafood products on the market.


The company are also hoping to use some of the money to expand Good Catch’s international stockists, starting in Europe – so we should start to see more and more of their vegan seafood treats around the world.


‘Important Investment’

Christine Mei, CEO of Gathered Foods says: “Partnering with proven companies who are innovators in their own right can only sharpen our ability to positively disrupt a nascent industry with our innovative portfolio of Good Catch products. As demand for plant-based seafood continues to rise, we look forward to further collaboration with LDC to create breakthrough opportunities.”


vegan seafood ceo

Christine Mei, Good Catch CEO


Max Clegg, head of LDC’s corporate venture capital program, LDC Innovations adds: “We are thrilled to partner with the company, as it expands the reach of its Good Catch brand and attracts new customers to this fast-growing sector.”


Vegan Seafood 

The vegan seafood market is on the rise, with interest at an all-time high following the success of NETFLIX fishing exposé documentary, Seaspiracy.


Gathered Foods is seizing this moment of curiosity towards fish-free vegan products, and will utilise the wide impact and innovation opportunity to bring new products to the US market and across the globe.


This vegan seafood brand just won a whopping $26.35 million in funding 1


At the moment you can find Good Catch vegan seafood products across the US, in the UK through a partnership with Tesco, in Canada through partnerships with Loblaws and Sobeys, and in Europe throughout retailers in the Netherlands and Spain.


Important Partnerships

Last year was incredibly successful for the innovative vegan seafood company. As well as the opening of its state-of-the-art facility and vast retail expansion, Gathered Foods announced a distribution partnership with Bumble Bee Foods, which allowed Good Catch vegan seafood products to be available to consumers on a larger scale through new distribution channels.


This vegan seafood brand just won a whopping $26.35 million in funding 2


Good Catch also launched its line of frozen appetisers and entrees, which was met with great feedback and demand.


Additionally, the company announced new backing from celebrities Woody Harrelson, Shailene Woodley, Paris Hilton and Lance Bass, which indicated the overwhelming belief in the future of plant-based seafood and has helped to create more consumer awareness around the products.


Who is Good Catch?

Good Catch is a chef-driven brand developing flavourful, vegan seafood alternatives. Founded by pioneering chefs Derek and Chad Sarno, Good Catch products offer the taste, texture and eating experience of seafood without harming the environment.


This vegan seafood brand just won a whopping $26.35 million in funding 3


Good Catch products include single-serve, ready-to-eat pouches of Plant-Based Tuna and frozen Plant-Based Fish Burgers, Plant-Based Crab Cakes and Plant-Based Fish Cakes available in retailers across the East Coast, with wider distribution planned.




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