This World Environment Day, we want #MoreTreesPlease

Today marks World Environment Day 2019 – with the theme of beating air pollution


For those of you that are unsure, World Environment Day began in 1974, organised by the United Nations. The day, designated June 5th, seeks to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.


Since it began, the event has grown massively, and is now a global platform that is celebrated in more than 100 countries.


More than anything, World Environment Day was established for the ‘people’, it is intended as a day where everyone can get involved to do something to take care of the Earth.


People can get involved locally, nationally or globally. They can take part through solo action, or they can organise a group to come together and take action.


Fighting Air Pollution


Each year, a theme accompanies the celebrated day, with hopes to draw attention to a pressing environmental concern. This year’s theme is ‘Air Pollution’.


World Environment Day is hosted by a different country every year, for official celebrations.


By applying focus on the host country, it helps to bring attention to the environmental struggles that it must deal with and garners worldwide support in addressing them. For 2019, the host country is China.




In light of this year’s World Environment Day, non-profit Friends of the Earth (FOTE) are trying to spread awareness of their ‘More Trees Please’ campaign.


They are petitioning for the UK to double tree cover by 2045, so that we might limit the amount of air pollution that we allow to persist in our air.


Trees play a massive role in fighting against climate chaos, since they remove polluting emissions for the air around us. Currently, only 13 per cent of the UK’s total land area has tree cover, despite their great importance.


Get involved with World Environment Day here, and make sure to sign the FOTE tree petition, or search for #MoreTreesPlease




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