Thomas Cook Urged to Cut Ties with SeaWorld After Failed Audit

Thomas Cook are being urged again to cut all ties with SeaWorld after the marine park failed an audit. Thomas Cook is Britain’s biggest tourist operator, took an audit based on the ruled animal welfare rules set out by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

Thomas Cook sell over 10,000 trips a year to SeaWorld stopped promoting the park on its website as a consequence of the audit, and the park has been given three months to improve welfare standards.

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook told the Sun Online Travel: “We have now audited SeaWorld, and we are in contact with them about the results in accordance with our policy.” Animal campaigners are calling for the travel company to cut ties with the park. A representative for PETA, said: “There’s no humane way to keep these highly intelligent animals in captivity, let alone force them to perform cruel tricks for food.

“Given that SeaWorld has now failed its own audit, Thomas Cook must end the financial lifeline it gives the park and stop selling tickets immediately.”


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