Three vegans set to appear on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

As we approach the end of the year, ITV show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is set to return to our screens. This November, three vegan celebrities are lined up to go into the jungle.


A large part of the show features contestants forced to undergo ‘Bushtucker Trials’, where they must eat animal parts and live insects.

Actor Sair Khan, and musicians James McVey and Fleur East, all follow plant-based diets. Amid the knowledge that these famous vegans are set to appear as contestant , reports are circulating, and according to The Sun, ITV bosses are facing a ‘crisis’.

A source told The Daily Star: “It could prove a bit tricky for bosses if they refuse to do the eating Bushtucker Trials. Fleur has already told bosses that she is strictly vegan and does not go near any animal products.”

But they are not the first vegans to enter the jungle: last year, stand-up comedian Shappi Khorsandi revealed that she was vegan, shortly before the show started.

Prior to appearing on the series, the star wrote in The Independent: “The last few months have marked a significant chapter in my life – I have started to come out to my friends and family as vegan.”

The star gave up her plant-based diet for the show, and quickly became ill. “I had meat, and I was really, really physically sick, five times in one hour. It was horrible,” she said. Shappi revealed that the producers then made her vegan food parcels.

Over the years, I’m a Celeb has faced criticism concerning its use and exploitation of animals. Numerous petitions have been carried out, calling for a stop to animal use throughout the show.

In 2014, wildlife expert Chris Packham, wrote an open letter to the show’s producers. He said: “Please realise that this repugnantly gratuitous scenario also does immense harm to the establishment of a fundamental respect for life. All your younger viewers, those who are set to inherit a hugely impoverished planet probably without wild tigers, rhinos, elephants, are being taught that killing things for plain exploitative ‘entertainment’ is acceptable. I’m sorry, but that is a shame that I imagine neither of you will want to take to your graves, because I assure you that your grandchildren will not thank you for it.”




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