Tiffany Watson Vegan Stationery Range On Sale

Tiffany Watson, star of TV show Made in Chelsea, is set to launch a range of vegan-friendly products, on sale on the 27th October 2017.

Vegan advocate Lucy Watson, Tiffany’s older sister, released her debut cookbook — Feed Me Vegan — earlier this year and there are also rumours that the sisters may be opening a vegan restaurant in the future.

We spoke to Lucy earlier this year about her sister. She said: “She’s fully vegan now. She has completely the same morals and beliefs as me. I think that maybe I helped speed up the process because I kept saying ‘by the way, fish have feelings’. It is a lot easier for her because the motive was already there but being around me showed her how easy it can be. She has started getting rid of her leather too which is really good.”

Earlier this month, Tiffany Watson set up an Instagram page called threesixfiveldn where she posted a picture of herself eating a vegan burger and wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Animals are not ingredients’. Her comment for the picture was: “Animals are not ingredients, for food or products. I am so passionate about this beautiful planet and the animals that live on it that I wanted to create something that shows that 💖 Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come, Love Tiffany x”

The type of product that Tiffany/threesixfiveldn would be creating was a secret up until yesterday (25th October). Yesterday threesixfiveldn posted a picture of a diary with the comment: “You guessed it, we are a beautiful, vegan leather, recycled planner. We are here to help you #makeeverydaycount in 2018 with our stylish A5 planners. With a little sprinkle of magic, our planners are armed with motivational quotes, cues to jot down thoughts, ideas and dreams, as well as space to track your wellbeing. We want to help inspire you to lead the happiest version of your life possible. 💖”

The diaries are on sale here.




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