Today's Vegan News Roundup – Thursday 31st May

We’ve rounded up the top news from this week, with an abundance of new vegan product and food launches in the UK on the market.


KFC to trial meat-free options in UK branches

KFC announced this week that they are working on meat-free options in a bid to work with Public Health England’s guidelines. They are reducing the calorie content of all the items on the menu by 20 per cent by 2025 and trialling a meat-free option later this year. It is unclear whether the option will also be suitable for vegans, however the addition of more meat-free options is welcomed. Without demand there would not be the market for large corporations to consider introducing meat-free options. KFC are renowned for being an unpopular company with the vegan community, however their efforts to introduce a meat-free option are pointing them into the right direction. The new menu will also see healthier sides offered for free if customers choose those over fries.

Greggs add vegan wrap to range their of prepared food

High-street bakery chain Greggs are adding a new vegan wrap to their range of prepared foods, to meet the demand for vegan food in the UK. The Mexican bean wrap is suitable for vegans, and one of the new meat-free products that are being launched on June 14th. Earlier in the year, Roger Whiteside, chief executive at Greggs, said: “We’re aware people would like those types of options in some of our savoury categories and things, but they’re more difficult to achieve, frankly, because what we’re looking to do is to find things that have broad appeal because they taste great.”

Beyond Burger launched in the UK

The Beyond Burger has been launched in the UK today, after Beyond Meat partnered with distributor The Authentic Food Co. In the UK there aren’t many competitive products against the Beyond Burger, with the Moving Mountains B12 Burger being the nearest competitor. The burger will be available via retailers and served in restaurants.

Costa release new vegan wrap

Costa have added a new vegan wrap to their menu, which is also gluten-free. The chipotle bean and butternut squash wrap is being launched at the same time as the brand’s oaty bake and tomato and basil soup, alongside other drinks and snacks that are suitable for vegans. The coffee chain recently added coconut milk to their menu, to cater for the demand for dairy-free options, with soya milk already on the menu.


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