Top 5 reasons to drink matcha tea

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it seems that there is advice floating around everywhere. Whether it’s cutting down on your salt intake, or making sure you eat as many of your five a day as possible, we all want to know what’s best for us.
So where does matcha fit into this? Many of us will have heard about the power of this supercharged green tea powder, but do we really understand just what makes it great to add into our daily diets?
To help you to embrace the power or matcha, we have put together the top five reasons that you should be adding a daily cup into your life.

It is packed full of the good stuff

Heard of antioxidants? Of course you have. These are almost magic like nutrients that are known to help our bodies both inside and out. Whether it is to give us fresh and beautiful skin, combat UV radiation or perhaps just fight off illness and bugs; antioxidants are something we all want to take in. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that a daily cup of matcha contains a wonderful number of antioxidants, just ready to get in your body and work their magic. Not only this but it also has catechins too (such as EcG, known to fight cancer) which are the best friend and bug fighting buddy of antioxidants!

It makes you feel calm yet focused

Sounds strange, especially when you think that matcha contains caffeine. But it is true. Matcha has been used by Japanese Zen Buddhist monks for a millennium in order to help them to meditate. It has the ability (thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine) to calm down your brain whilst stopping it from shutting down completely and making you feel drowsy. Pretty awesome when you need to keep your cool but still focus!
It isn’t just your focus that L-Theanine is responsible for. The dopamine and serotonin that is released as a side-effect enhances your mood, improves your memory and gives you a better level of concentration! All things that we can benefit from!

It helps you to detox

Detoxing has become incredibly popular over recent times. This act of cleansing your body of all the toxins and harmful things that build up is a great idea for us all. Matcha can be a helping hand when you want to clear out your body. The green colour of matcha is down to the increased levels of chlorophyll that is produced when it is grown and this process also creates a natural detoxifier which is able to remove chemical toxins and heavy metals that can be found in your body!

It can help you to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, then the best way is to change your diet and up your exercise levels. You could also introduce a daily cup of matcha. Studies have shown that matcha can increase your metabolism and helps you to burn body fat at a much quicker rate; all without any nasty side effects.

It tastes good

Sadly, not everything that’s good for us tastes good. But thankfully matcha does. As you can use matcha in a variety of different drinks and recipes, you are sure to find a way that you love. The trick is to experiment and get creative; after all it is a truly versatile little green powder!


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