Our Top 5 Vegan Wines From NFizz Wines

NFizz are a family establishment, based in Bristol who specialise in organic wines. You can purchase their wines from their online store, and over 80 per cent of their wines are suitable for vegans, with no animal derived ingredients included in the process or in the wines. Here are our top five wines to choose from their vegan range:


Prosecco Superiore DOCG Valdobbiadene 2016

If you want a fruity prosecco, but enjoy a dry wine then this is a good option for you. This is the perfect prosecco to purchase for a special occasion, priced at £12.90 for a 75cl bottle or £25.50 for 150cl magnum bottle. To pair it with vegan food, serve it with vegan pizza, fried vegetables, Indian food, Thai green curry, or even something sweet such as chocolate covered bananas.

Burgundy Red 2015 Pinot Noir

If red wine is something you prefer, then this reasonably priced organic wine is ideal to complete a delicious dinner party. A fruity, medium bodied wine that pairs perfectly with a ratatouille, or tomatoes stuffed with quinoa and tofu. Priced at £19.40 for 75cl, you won’t be disappointed with this wine.

Tavel Canto Perdix 2016 Rosé

This versatile wine is delicious with hearty vegan food, such as taboulé, or even a vegan burger. Priced at only £13.30 for 75cl, this is a fruity wine with a vivid pink colour. It has strong notes of red cherries and strawberries, making for a delicious wine, perfect to keep for the spring.

Champagne Rosé Désir

To go all out on a celebration, this award winning champagne is the perfect option. It is a fruity, light bodied champagne, which pairs nicely with summer vegetables or mildly spiced Indian dishes. Priced at £31.80 per 75cl bottle, this is the perfect celebratory drink to treat yourself and guests to.

Crémant de Limoux Bulle d’Argile

This white wine is light bodied, with fine bubbles. It is best served with dishes including green vegetables, garlic, onion, lentils or even a dessert dish such as rhubarb sorbet or tart. It’s an award winning wine, and is priced at £17.80 for a 75cl bottle.



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