UK based sandwich brand to release more on-the-go food options

A UK based sandwich brand are soon to launch a new range of vegan friendly sandwiches and they look delicious!

The popular on-the-go food manufacturers Urban Eats have announced recently that they are extending their vegan sandwich range to include 5 tasty new flavours including the following:

The ‘Pickle Me Up Sandwich’ which will include vegan cheese, pickle, red onion, tomato and salad leaves.

An ‘Avo-Lafel Sandwich’ containing Avocado falafel, a red pepper tapenade, vegan pesto, red and yellow pepper and salad leaves.

The ‘Sweet Baby Cheesus’ a wrap filled with vegan mozzarella, pesto, roasted tomato, tomato and salad leaves.

A ‘Dirty Jack Wrap’ that contains BBQ jackfruit with their own ‘Dirty Sauce’, a carrot slaw, sweetcorn and salad leaves.

And the ‘Hot Mozza Bella Panini’ that is filled with vegan mozzarella, sweet chilli peppers, pesto, roasted tomatoes and a tomato ragu.

All these new flavours are in addition to Urban Eats current vegan options that include various sandwiches, wraps, a falafel salad and a falafel flatbread. Their current flavours mostly consist of falafel-based fillings, so to have the option of vegan cheese fillings is a great alternative.

The company also cater for larger parties and a vegan sandwich platter is available on top of their current vegan sandwich options, which is good to know if you need a food option for an office party for example.

On the Urban Eats website blog, Senior Brand Manager Isla Owen says: “It’s really important to us that we are able to offer something for everyone…It’s estimated that around 12% of the UK population follow a vegetarian or vegan diet and we felt there was a real gap for some innovative food to go products, so we have carefully developed exciting flavours, created quirky product names and colourful packaging to offer much more choice for consumers looking for non-meat options.”

The new products will be available from the 20th August and will be mostly stocked in McColl’s convenience stores, university restaurants, hospitals, train stations etc.


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