UK protein brand Oatein launch deliciously vegan, zero-sugar snack 

A vegan treat that’s packed with protein, zero-sugar, and inspired by millionaire’s shortcake… what’s not to love?


Following their success on the Dragons’ Den in January 2019, Oatein co-founders Andy Dixon and John Paul Gardner began developing their new vegan product, the ‘Millionaire Crunch’ after their enlightening exchange with the Dragons.


A fresh take on the classic millionaire shortcake, the Oatein Millionaire Crunch combines layers of luxurious (vegan!) chocolate and smooth caramel on a bed of crunchy protein oats.


Even better, the Millionaire Crunch is both palm-oil and gluten-free, and a great supply of slow-releasing energy, to keep you fueled throughout the day.


The range will be available in two delicious vegan flavours, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange. 


Taking on board the Dragons’ comment that ‘the world is going vegan’, Oatein are redeveloping their entire range to offer greener options. 


Oetein Crunch bar

‘All About Inclusivity’


Oatein sales director, Andy Dixon commented: “Oatein is all about inclusivity. To be able to produce a product that opens up our brand to a wider audience without compromising on flavour or texture is a fantastic achievement. 


“We hope the Millionaire Crunch will help demonstrate that the stigma surrounding ‘vegan’ nutrition is unfounded. It’s certainly been a learning experience for us!”


You can purchase a box (12 x 58g) of Millionaire Crunch online now at for £17.99. RRP: £29.99





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