UK Supermarket Iceland Commit to Vegan Labeling

Frozen food retailer Iceland has become the latest supermarket to commit to vegan labelling on its own-brand products, following a campaign by Animal Aid.

The #MarkItVegan campaign was introduced in 2016, calling on supermarkets to label their vegan-friendly products – this could be through the phrase ‘suitable for vegans’ or by using a logo, for example.

In a letter to Animal Aid, Iceland said that they are at the beginning of a long process ensuring that products are correctly labelled – so you may not see the label for some time still.

Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid vegan outreach campaign manager, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Iceland has made the decision to label their own-brand vegan products. This will make a huge difference not only to vegans, but o vegetarians, reducetarians, those wanting to try vegan food, and indeed those who purchase vegan food for family members.”

Tesco, Asda and Morrisons are some of the other supermarkets that are participating in the #MarkItVegan campaign, with Sainsbury’s and the Co-Op being the only supermarkets using clear vegan labelling prior to the campaign.

Iceland has made several commitments to serve the vegan community in recent months. This includes opening a dedicated vegan freezer section, with 13 new vegan options going on sale in the coming months. The new range is a direct response to the success of the ‘No Bull’ burger, which was outselling their other ranges, including the wagyu burger.


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