UK’s First Vegan Supermarket Opens in London

If you live in London or you’re visiting the city, the vegan options available to you just got better. With an abundance of health shops and vegan-friendly restaurants, the capital now has a vegan supermarket to cater for the ever-growing number of vegans in the UK.

The shop, Plant-Based Supermarket, sells an exclusive range of vegan on-the-go food including prepared sandwiches, wraps and more conventional supermarket items such as frozen pizza and ice cream.

The shop kept the public updated on its progress from being a run-down organic store, to their new shop fitting, giving people a sneak of products they could expect to find instore on Instagram.

You can also grab a coffee whilst you’re out shopping, with seating areas inside and outside. Head over to Plant-Based Supermarket at 187 Well Street, Homerton, Hackney, E9 6QU.

Whilst mainstream UK supermarkets are providing more vegan options to accommodate the vegan population, and growing flexitarian market, it’s still easy to get caught out with misleading labelling. This supermarket is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, selling exclusively vegan food, but in turn catering for everyone.


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