UpCircle Beauty

We catch up with Anna Brightman, co-founder of UpCircle Beauty

Why was the brand founded?

Every UpCircle product is made from a core ingredient which would otherwise have been discarded. It all started just over three years ago.

My brother William (co-founder) asked his local coffee shop what they did with their waste coffee and was shocked to hear that they were producing so much that they had to pay the council to have it removed and disposed of on landfill sites.

He decided it was a great starting point for a business idea, but wasn’t sure what that idea was — that’s where I came in.

Throughout my teenage years, I wanted to be a makeup artist, so always had a keen interest in beauty and skincare. I knew that coffee had loads of great skincare benefits, so… light bulb moment! Why not re-purpose the coffee into sustainable circular skincare products?

What makes you different to other brands?

At UpCircle, we elevate leftover natural ingredients, bringing them back to life as beauty products your skin will love. Our products are natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, sustainable, handmade in the UK and housed in 100 per cent recyclable packaging.

But the key point of difference between us and other brands is that each of our product is made with a core repurposed ingredient. ‘Natural’ is the new ‘normal’ — we go a step further with our waste-fighting formulations.

Tell us about your sustainability goals.

The long-term objective for us is to push boundaries with the by-products we use and prove that with UpCircle you no longer have to choose between doing the right thing and getting the best results. Nothing is safe from being UpCircled — only our imagination can limit us! Next up, we’re saving flower petals from florists and wedding venues.

What drives us is that now that we’ve made a name for ourselves as the skincare brand bringing the circular economy to the beauty industry, we have businesses and individuals coming to us with their leftover natural ingredients asking if we can we cook up a circular skincare solution. ‘I make X product, which leaves behind Y as a by-product. Is there anything you can do with that?’


Coffee Body Scrub with Peppermint

This deliciously scented scrub is made from waste coffee grounds, which are great for exfoliation! It will have your skin feeling smooth in no time. £14.99,

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