Use Your Christmas Shop to Support Animals in Need

Animal Defenders International Launch Appeal – You Can Support This Christmas

For over 20 years now, Animal Defenders International (ADI) have been pushing for the abolition of animal circuses


In August 2018, ADI then made further plans involving the removal of the remaining circus animals in Guatemala. Two circuses with 18 tigers, two more lions, two pumas, a camel, two spider monkeys and a porcupine, were not complying with the new law, so the Guatemalan wildlife department (CONAP) put legal plans in place to seize and release them.


Working to protect wild animals and their environments and to end the suffering of animals in captivity, ADI has rescued and relocated hundreds of animals, many from circuses around the world. The organisation is currently caring for 26 lions at its new wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, as well as funding the care and habitats of more than 40 wild animals including bears and monkeys at partner sanctuaries in the UK and Peru.


They now hope to take the 21 rescued lions and tigers that are being cared for at its temporary rescue centre in Guatemala to their forever homes, just in time for Christmas. Three of the rescued tigers will be relocated to the Big Cat Rescue in Florida, while the remaining big cats will be going home to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.


Now, the animal charity has launched an appeal, asking the public for their support.


ADI has an online shop, where you can purchase festive gifts for your friends and family, whilst supporting the hard work ADI are putting in to save these animals and build a permanent sanctuary for them.


With something for all ages, budgets and tastes, the ADI website includes a gorgeous calendar and canvas prints featuring some of the lions, tigers, and other animals rescued by the charity. You can also find a great selection of Christmas cards, beautifully scented candles, natural beauty products, animal-themed tea towels, bags, and more.


All items are vegan and cruelty-free and can be found on the Animal Defenders International website.




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