Vegan activist arranges meeting with senior priest to help the Pope go vegan

Vegan activist, Genesis Butler has made headlines recently for her participation in the Million Dollar Vegan campaign. The campaign has offered $1m to a charity chosen by Pope Francis, providing he goes vegan for Lent.

The campaign includes a petition, signed by over 55,000 people, which Genesis has taken with her to the Vatican City. She hopes to hand over the petition to the Pope, if he agrees to meet with her and talk about the campaign.

Speaking about her trip, Genesis said: “I hope Pope Francis will meet with me during my trip to the Vatican so I can talk to him in person about why this campaign is so important to me and to the planet, and so that I can hand him the thousands of signatures from people around the world who are joining me in asking him to try vegan for Lent.”

The campaign focuses on the detrimental effects of animal agriculture, and how crucial it is that we change the way food is produced to reduce the impact on the environment. Genesis added: “Animal farming is one of the leading causes global warming, and by choosing to eat a plant-based diet, we could reduce the harm we cause to the planet, to animals and to people.

“I would really love to hear from Pope Francis about my plea for him to go vegan for Lent because we need His Holiness to set an example to the world that we must act now to stop climate change and help prevent animal suffering.”

To find out more about the Million Dollar Vegan campaign, read more here, with a vegan starter kit available to download.


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