Vegan activist group Surge, shares first vegan adverts in London

Animal rights campaign group, Surge, has shared its first vegan adverts in London. The campaign will be shown on buses, a digital billboard and roadsides around the city.

The debut advertising campaign being shown includes messages such as ‘Why love one but eat the other?’ and ‘Which is more important, taste or life?’ as well as ‘Their life is in your hands’.

Surge is co-founded by renowned vegan activist, Earthling Ed, who commented: “We’re so happy to have released our first round of advertising campaigns in London.

“We’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time, so it feels amazing to be able to get the vegan message out there to the public and ask them the same thought-provoking questions that have already inspired so many people to become vegan.”

He added: “The campaign has been partly funded by Unity Diner, the non-profit vegan establishment that we opened at the end of last year, and so we want to thank everyone who has eaten at the diner and contributed towards making these campaigns a reality, as well as everyone else who has supported our work so far.”