Vegan activist James Aspey running for office in Australia

Australian animal rights activist, James Aspey is running for office in New South Wales in the forthcoming March election. He will standing as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party (AJP), which was officially recognised as a political party in 2011.

Aspey is running at the AJP candidate for the Heathcote seat. Sharing the news on their Instagram, the AJP wrote: “James has been a tireless advocate for animals, and took a vow of silence for a year in 2014 to raise awareness about the animals we exploit.

“James will be an excellent voice speaking up for animals in New South Wales in the lead up to this election.” The election takes place on March 23, 2019.

The AJP was created to benefit animals, and candidates have won elections. On the party’s website, the AJP sets out its aims, saying: “It will give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. It will provide a focal point for voters frustrated by the lack of political action and who feel strongly that much more needs to be done through our parliamentary systems to assist the wellbeing of animals.”

Mark Pearson and Andy Meddick have both represented the party in different areas of the country, including New South Wales and the Western Victoria Region.

Aspey is renowned for his contribution to animal rights activism, and took a vow of silence to raise awareness of animal cruelty and promote peace.

Aspey’s aim is to work with other AJP politicians to work to protect animals, following in the footsteps of other AJP members.

His most recent YouTube video was an interview with Andy Meddick, discussing the need to create change and how it needs to be demanded at every level to see a significant impact.

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