Vegan Activists Cover Themselves In Fake Blood In Trafalgar Square

Vegan activists took to one of the most iconic London locations, Trafalgar Square, to stage a protest against speciesism. The activists covered themselves in fake blood and lay under plastic sheeting to give the impression of packaged human meat.

The London protestors were enveloped in plastic, labelled ‘Human Meat’ and ‘Certified Humane’.

One anonymous activist told the MailOnline: ‘We as vegans want to show other people there’s a compassionate way to live and how to treat animals.”

“We want to stop this animal cruelty, we want to stop the meat trade, the fur trade, the leather trade, and we want to show people there’s a way of living without animal products.”

“Some people might do it for the environment when they realise meat eating and animal agriculture is the number one cause of pollution in the world.”

The bikini-clad protestors drew crowds and further protestors from the group, Direct Action Everywhere, held signs reading slogans such as ‘It’s not food, it’s violence’. Co-ordinated protests were carried out in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Peru and the US by the group.

The protest proceeds the Animal Rights March this weekend where thousands of vegans will walk through the streets of London to raise awareness about animal welfare issues.

Photo credit: Wayne Hsiung – Evening Standard


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