Vegan Activists’ Torquay Video Goes Viral Because of A Little Boy Called Zack

The words of the little boy in Torquay’s Union Street are being shared nationally in a nationwide vegan political activism campaign.

Vegan campaigners formed a silent, semi-circle at the bottom of Torquay’s Union Street and showed animal cruelty Earthlings Experience videos with a warning disclaimer about the shocking nature of the films.

The little boy, called Zack, is with his mother as he tells the cameras “I hate meat and I love animals. It’s kind of obvious… I don’t like the insides of an animal. I like the outside of it.

“ People are very weird if they eat animals ‘cos they’re eating something they love.”

The video has been posted on YouTube by Chris Hines who said: “We took part in the first Torquay Earthlings Experience. What this little kid said will shock you.”

The international campaign group have said “This is the best! We love that little kid. Go Torquay vegan acitivists!”

EARTHLINGS is an American documentary film about humankind’s dependence on animals for economic purposes. It is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. In the last fortnight there have been International Earthlings Experience Days throughout the world.


Credit: Torquay Herald Express


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