Vegan Adverts Appear on M25, Spreading the Vegan Message

Vegan campaign group, Viva!, have launched anti-dairy billboards on the M25 for the first two weeks of October, as part of their Trash campaign.

The campaign seeks to draw attention to the way male dairy calves are disposed of, only days after being born. They have also created YouTube adverts and will be holding activism events around the UK during October.

The M25 is one of the county’s busiest motorways, circling London, with thousands of drivers on the road every day. The adverts are 7.5 metres high, and on both the north and southbound carriageways, and over the two week period that they will be up, 1.6 million people are expected to see them.

The Trash segment of Viva’s campaign is part of their larger efforts to reveal the dark side of dairy to the public, which is an ongoing campaign.

The YouTube advert will be the first vegan advert of its kind in the UK, and Viva! said: “Paid YouTube mobile advertising is 8 per cent more likely to receive attention than TV advertising, and YouTube vlogging has been credited for bringing veganism into the mainstream.

“YouTube provides the perfect opportunity to broadcast a vegan message to an audience who are really listening.”

The dairy industry is renowned for its cruel practice, and many are becoming aware of what actually happens for cow’s milk and dairy products to reach consumers. Alternative products are becoming increasingly popular, and easier than ever to source, with the public opting to choose the cruelty-free and healthier options.


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