Vegan and Animal Charities Unite to Strengthen Movement

In a bid to strengthen the vegan movement, leaders from 10 of the UK’s leading vegan and animal rights charities met up in London yesterday to discuss their plans on how to move veganism forward. Discussions included plans on how to bolster the vegan movement as well as ideas on how to create a solid support network between the animal friendly charities involved in the discussions.

Some of the groups involved in this union include ProVeg UK, The Vegan Society, Animal Aid, Animal Equality, The Humane League UK, Humane Society International UK, PETA, Viva! and Veganuary.

Jimmy Pierson, the Director of ProVeg, the charity that collaborated with Veganuary last year for similar discussions, has spoken out about the conference saying “There are so many long-standing organisations that have been working tirelessly for this cause for decades, making this meeting a unique melting pot of experience from which we can all gain a great deal… We hope it is the beginning of a deeply valuable alliance of like-minded organisations that will create a stronger, united movement, which will, in turn, spare more animals and the planet.”


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