Vegan Art

Being a vegan artist does't necessarily mean that you use your art to promote veganism but as thought-provoking images with a vegan message. Some pieces celebrate the beauty of animals and nature, whilst others throw a challenging spotlight onto the way we treat animals. The aim of some vegan art collections is to highlight and question our treatment of animals in society.

Since the first issue of vegan life magazine, we have always included vegan art in every issue. Whether it be painting, drawing, poetry, sculpture, fiction or tattoos, vegan art has a strong thought provoking message. In 2018 we included a vegan art calendar with the January issue of Vegan Life which included works by Roland Straller, Jo Frederiks, Hartmut Kiewert, Geoff Francis, Brittney West, Twyla Fancois, Philip McCulloch-Downs and Dana Ellyn