Vegan ‘Avo-lato’ Launched in London

Vegan ‘avo-lato’ has been launched in London, with the dessert looking and tasting like avocado. The avocado flavoured gelato is only available from Snowflake in the Selfridges store on Oxford Street, and it is completely plant based.

The gelato is served in a real avocado shell, and the stone is made from flaxseed and peanut butter gelato. The ‘avo-gelato’ is also gluten-free and free from refined sugar with no artificial ingredients.

In line with Selfridges’ plans to reduce plastic waste, the ‘avo-lato’ comes in biodegradable packaging, as it is presented in a bamboo tray. Founder of Snowflake Luxury Gelato, Asad Khan, said: “We saw these lovely avocado skins getting thrown away [during the development process], but they have a rich texture and look great so reusing them was the best way to serve the product.

“This is especially because of the authenticity it adds and the fact that it connects consumers back to the original fruit.

“We’re always focusing on innovation and considering what interesting ingredients we can use to make new products. Given how popular avocados are, and the health benefits they provide, we thought it’d be great to make an avocado gelato with a few minimal ingredients. The recipe also happens to be vegan, which is a great plus point. We expect it to be quite popular.”

Selfridges director of food and restaurants Bruce Langlands said: “We like to be at the forefront of fashionable food trends and the Avo-lato is exactly that. We hope customers choose to cool down during the heatwave with this fantastic new product.”

You can get the Avo-lato for £9.50 from Snowflake in Selfridges, Oxford Street, London.


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