Baileys have confirmed to Vegan Life Almande IS vegan

Vegan-certified Irish cream is set to hit store shelves by March.

Liquor company Baileys has obtained vegan certification for its Irish cream beverage Almande Almondmilk Liqueur.

The company launched Almande as a dairy-free alternative to Baileys Irish cream last May, which received an outpour of excitement from the vegan community. The brand didn’t intentionally release a vegan product, but the support from those interested in a cruelty-free Irish cream beverage led Baileys to investigate the formulation of Almande – where they discovered the presence of beeswax.

Baileys representative Dominic Benigno told VegNew in June – “I sincerely apologise for the confusion”.

The new vegan certified beverage was reformulated to serve the vocal vegan community, according to Director of Liqueurs at Diageo North America – Baileys parent company – Nicola Heckles. “We are very excited about the positive interest Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur has received since our recent test launch in select cities around the IS,” Heckles told VegNews. “Particularly, the vegan community has expressed great interest in the product both here in the US and byond.” The new Baileys Almande Almondmilk will be available nationwide in March, with an officical vegan symbol stamped on bottles.

Baileys officially confirmed to Vegan Life in their statement:

“Thanks for messaging. Following passionate feedback from the vegan community on Facebook and beyond, we immediately took steps to reformulate the Baileys Almande recipe. We’re really pleased to say Baileys Almande is now certified vegan and bottles will be stamped with an official vegan symbol. Currently it’s exclusively available in the US but we know there’s lots of excitement here in the UK too so we promise to share any news when we have it here on Facebook. Hope this helps! ? The Baileys team.”


Credit: VegNews

Photo credit: Baileys


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