Vegan Batman Light Changing Hearts & Minds

A giant projector light is displaying powerful messages on building surfaces. The idea became reality by activist Connie Spence last year, and she’s been shining the light of trust in cities across the country ever since.

The concept came about when Spence saw an artist shine an anti-Trump message on a hotel in Atlanta after the election. Because it was only light, it wasn’t considered vandalism, and therefore wasn’t illegal. “In that moment I knew I had to figure out what this equipment was and how to do the same all over walls in Los Angeles”.

After trial and error with technical equipment, Spence did her first light in mid-December 2016.

“The first time it was done on the pig slaughterhouse in L.A. and boy was that moment eventful,” says Spence. “The light could be seen over their courtyard fence inside the slaughterhouse. The police that come each night walked up and said ‘WOW, that is a game changer and lets everyone know how serious you guys are.’ I have now been doing the light three to five times a week since.”

The light has been shone on the Staples Center, over freeways, on slaughterhouses, in Hollywood and on the 3rd Street Promenade; she’s brought it to the Vegan Strip and Downtown Vegas. Spence continues to travel and bring the light to new locations.

Spence is currently raising funds via Go Fund Me to start new chapters of the Vegan Batman Light. She wants as many people to get involved as possible, bringing the concept to cities across the globe.

For more information on the Vegan Batman Light, check out the Go Fund Me page, Facebook & Instagram.


News credit: Latest Vegan News

Photo credit: Go Fund Me


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