Vegan Batman

Batman-esque light projections in the US are spreading the vegan message.

The words vegan and batman together in a sentence are not an entirely likely combination, but the light projection project is more than a little reminiscent of the much loved comic book character.

A light projector is displaying messages on building surfaces in the hope that people will become more educated about the truth of the meat, dairy and egg industry. Messages include ‘Do slaughterhouses exist in heaven?’ and ‘People are against animal abuse… but only in the house between breakfast, lunch and dinner’.

Activist Connie Spence, vegan for seven years, came up with the idea last year after seeing an anti-trump message shone on a hotel in Atlanta. Connie said: “In that moment I knew I had to figure out what this equipment was and how to do the same all over walls in Los Angeles.”

The first time it was done on the pig slaughterhouse in L.A. and boy was that moment eventful.

“The light could be seen over their courtyard fence inside the slaughterhouse. The police that come each night walked up and said ‘WOW. That is a game changer and lets everyone know how serious you guys are.’  I have now been doing the light three to five times a week since.”

This recipe of activism works. I learn their name, shake their hand, ask them how they feel, ask them if they’ve been to a slaughterhouse, ask them why they haven’t contemplated animals being abused before this moment.

“I learn about them and their defenses and I pivot to any excuse or justification they have. I spend a lot of time remembering stats and practice rebuttals to make sure that I know how to handle every objection. And on top of it all, I try to stay calm, but direct and always try to maintain peace.”

Since then, Connie has shone the light over 50 times now in locations across the US including Hollywood, Las Vegan and Phoenix. She is raising money to fund her activism here.


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