Vegan Burger restaurant tricks Meatopia-goers

Burger buzz as vegan patty wins over meat-eaters


Last weekend, London-based Halo Burger, the 100 per cent vegan burger restaurant, tricked 300 carnivorous Meatopia attendees into eating a completely plant-based burger, and the results were just as vegans in the know would expect. Every single meat eater loved it.


To document the evidence, the sampler’s were captured on camera, and their reactions are priceless – you can watch the video here.


They were given Halo’s Smoky Carolina BBQ Burger, which is made from a 1/4lb Beyond Meat patty, topped with smoky gouda style ‘cheese’, stacked with beer battered onion strips inside a soft bun for an extremely satisfying ‘meaty’ burger, all whilst being 100 per cent vegan.


The meat-eater’s reactions just go to show the power of vegan food, as well as the stigma around the label ‘vegan’ that needs to be shifted. Why is it that a meat-eater will be put off eating something that is classified as vegan, even if others who have tried it will assure them it tastes great? And, what puts a meat-eater off walking inside a vegan restaurant? Vegan food is inclusive of everyone. It’s not just for vegans.


The ever-rising vegan population shows us that, clearly, times are changing, but sadly not fast enough. We need to try and shift the stigma, and encourage more non-vegans to try the vast array of delicious plant-based food the world now serves.


As more successful plant-based eateries emerge, each showcasing a plethora of delicious vegan food , there’s hope that people’s perceptions of vegan food will be altered. Halo Burger’s stunt proves that it can.


And, as this happens, there is more chance that people will start to listen to the vegan message, and begin to appreciate animals as sentient beings with lives worth living, not food.



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