Vegan Butcher’s Festive Feast Boxes Sell-Out In Under 10 Minutes

Vegan Butcher’s Festive Feast Boxes Sell-Out In Under 10 Minutes

Rudy’s vegan butcher’s Festive Feast Boxes went on sale last Sunday, and sold out in record time


Rudy's Festive Feast Boxes


You’ve likely heard of Rudy’s – the spectacular vegan diner based in Camden, London. They recently made it into mainstream media, by opening the first ever vegan butchers in the UK, selling their popular vegan meat-alternatives.


This Christmas, Rudy’s butchers is spreading festive cheer across the UK with deliciously different Christmas Vegan Feast Boxes.


Chef, Matthew Foster has worked hard to make these boxes extra special and he’s done all the hard work for us. Each box is packed with all the classic Christmas dishes and a few festive extras thrown in.



The first batch of Festive Feast Boxes went on sale on the 22nd November, and Rudy’s sold over 100 boxes in the first ten minutes, selling out in record time.



Following the first on-sale date, co-founder Ruth (Rudy) said: “I was watching the live feed when we went back online and it was pretty exciting (a little nerve wracking too, I’ll admit)!”


“We sold out of Christmas Meat Feasts in less than an hour and over 100 orders were placed in less than 10 minutes.”



It’s spectacular news for the growing company, following an extremely exciting and busy year.


What’s inside?


festive feast boxes

Rudy’s tasty products are all packaged in a material made from plants, not plastic (yay!)


The Festive Feast Boxes contain everything you could dream of eating this Christmas. Vegans are spoilt for choice with Rudy’s pastrami, seasonally spiced Christmas ham, meat-free meatballs, and the delectable festive meatloaf en croute.



The feast boxes even contain a spectacular plant-based centrepiece for festive tables – the Christmas Turk’y roll with cranberries and hazelnuts.



The showstopper is an impossibly succulent seitan Turk’y packed with soysage stuffing, accompanied by a generous serving of Turk’y gravy with fresh rosemary, thyme and garlic.





And Rudy’s hasn’t stopped there. Each feast comes with all the traditional trimmings for the ultimate Christmas dinner including King Edward potatoes, parsnips, carrots, Brussel sprouts with baycon bits, all perfectly seasoned and ready to roast.



There’s more! If you get hungry whilst your dinner is in the oven, each box is also packed with popped water lily seeds to munch on.



The seed snacks come in three delicious flavours – dark chocolate and raspberry, paprika and Provençal herbs, or the Cheezy vegan.



For £55, Rudy’s Festive Feast Boxes can feed up to four people, or two hungry vegans looking to make their leftovers last the holiday season.



Did you miss out last Sunday?



Don’t worry, there’s more chances to grab a box. Rudy’s will be releasing limited stock every Sunday, available for delivery Wednesday – Friday across the UK, so you will have to be speedy! Alarms set…



Let’s keep turkey off the table this Christmas! Keep spreading the vegan word.






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