Vegan Charity Viva! Bring Back MooFree May (and you can take part)

Following the success of their 2018 MooFree May initiative, the vegan charity Viva! are back for another month of action.

Viva! wants to educate the public about the health, animal welfare and environmental motivations for going dairy-free, using social media and outreach events as a way of getting the message out there.  Their campaign aims to encourage the British public to ditch dairy and try delicious dairy-free alternatives. Conversations with the public about the dairy industry will be discussed whilst undercover footage taken on dairy farms will also be played to the public. Guides and booklets will also be distributed during the MooFree events containing advice on how to go dairy-free.


As an incentive to go 'Moo Free', vegan activists at the outreach events will be handing out vegan cheese supplied by Heather Mill's brand VBites and dairy-free chocolate supplied by Moo Free will also be available. This will all be accompanied by a giant inflatable cow adorned with the words \"Vegan is a State of Kind\".

The founder and director of Viva!, Juliet Gellatley, explains the reasons behind MooFree May:

\"Our MooFree May campaign was a huge success last year and so we are delighted to announce another month of action coming this May. This past year, we have made huge strides in veganism... that's why we're returning to UK high streets with our MooFree May campaign"

"Gone are the days of bland dairy-free options and complicated vegan recipes! We will be showcasing some delicious vegan cheese and helping the public learn more about the delicious and accessible dairy alternatives which are available across the UK"

A baby cow, separated from it's mother so humans can drink her milk (photo courtesy of Viva!)


"Of course, we will also be showing footage about the dark side of the dairy industry, taken from our own undercover investigations of UK dairy farms... barbaric practices are standard across the dairy industry and are completely unnecessary - just so that humans can consume cow's milk"

"Overall our message is clear: going dairy-free is such a positive and simple change to make. We can each use our consumer power and opt out of the needlessly cruel dairy industry, whilst you can lessening your environmental impact too. Take the pledge this MooFree May."

To find out more about MooFree May, visit the Viva! website.

You can find the MooFree May campaign at:

And don't forget to use the hashtag #moofreemay



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