Take away chicken nuggets launched by What The Pitta

Vegan eatery What The Pitta have announced that they will be adding Vegan Nuggets to their branches nationwide – making them the first chain to bring the offering to the UK takeaway market.



The restaurant has beaten numerous big-name fast-food chains to launch the plant-based nugget, including the likes of McDonald’s and KFC.


For £3.99, you can get your hands on What The Pitta’s Vegan Nuggets, which will come served with a homemade dip of your choice.





The option will be available both in store, and online for delivery at UberEats and Deliveroo.


What The Pitta is already famed for their vegan kebabs, served with houmous, dairy-free tzatziki and salads.




What The Pitta is the brainchild of British-Turkish friends Cem Yildiz and Rojdan Gul – Cem had recently become vegan, and was passionate about the health and environmental benefits of going meat-free, but was missing the grilled flavours of his favourite Turkish foods.


As it happened, Roj’s uncle had been perfecting his own cult vegan kebabs in Germany for years, so after an educational trip to learn the secret recipe, What The Pitta was born and their first pop up opened in August 2016 at The Pump, Shoreditch.





The Croydon branch soon followed, with the opening of Shoreditch in Summer 2017, Camden in Spring 2018 and Brighton in Autumn 2018.


Other items on the ever-growing What The Pitta menu, include a variety of purse-friendly meal deals and plant-based options, like vegan Doner Kebab, Doner Chip Box, Mezze Box, homemade falafel wraps and baklava.



Head to whatthepitta.com for more info.





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