How do vegans celebrate Christmas?

How do vegans celebrate Christmas?

Karin Ridgers asks her vegan friends what Christmas involves for them

By Karin Ridgers


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I think this may be around my 25th non-stuffed-bird Christmas, and, of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our day is fairly traditional – family, pressies, crackers and lots of chocolate, mock-meats and nut roasts.


If you are nosey like me, you might like to hear what some of my friends get up to during this festive time! For your and my own curiosity, I asked a bunch of vegans what Christmas involves for them.


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Henry Firth and Ian Theasby BOSH! 

“For Christmas, we both usually go back up to Sheffield to spend time with our families. We’re always buzzing to see them, because living in London means we don’t get to see them half as much as we’d like.”


“There’s always loads of catching up and even more eating! Christmas dinner would have to be our Mushroom Wellington from BOSH!. We’ve cooked it for both our parents at Christmas before, and it was an absolute crowd-pleaser.”


“And, of course, it’s not Christmas without tonnes of gravy and our Crispy, Fluffy, Perfect Roast Potatoes heaven on a plate.”


“To get in the festive mood, we have to be on-brand and say we use FOOD! We love cooking up a big vegan fry-up for our families on Christmas morning.” and




Adamski – DJ, musician, singer and record producer

“In recent years, a typical Christmas Day for my family has been spent working at the Crisis at Christmas Homeless Initiative in East London, with maybe a Christmas lunch or dinner before or after, depending on our shifts. This year, we will be in our cuckoo clock house in the Vienna Woods, so I’m not sure really…”


“On the day, we have typical English Christmas dinner, just minus cruelty. Something textured like a nut roast is nice, but I smother everything in cranberry sauce anyway!”


“I love Brussel sprouts and roast parsnips – I always have. My wife spends at least five hours (the day before) making amazing gravy. It makes everything taste of Christmas!”


“It feels wonderful, but also a bit sad, to think of the many, many Christmases that used to revolve around the misery and death of others for my selfish little taste buds.”

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Gary Turner

Wendy Turner Webster – TV Presenter, and Gary Webster – actor

Gary: “A typical Christmas Day for us would be to wake up around mid-morning and have a light breakfast, in anticipation of the gluttony to follow later.”


“Usually, we just chill out until the preparation of dinner has to start. Then, it’s time to get highly stressed whilst cooking, and keep going back for seconds and thirds until Boxing Day!”


Wendy: “First off, I have had a long-held rule that I never get out of my Pyjamas on Christmas Day – which rather sets the ‘lounging about’ tone of the day! In fact, I usually treat myself to a new set of PJs, which I can put on before going downstairs on Christmas morning. When are we going to shake off this rock’n’roll lifestyle, hah?!”


“Prosecco and lunch prep begin around noon (I don’t get stressed cooking the lunch, which must be down to the Prosecco!) and we proceed to get through a wheelbarrow full of roast potatoes. Presents are then opened and I usually fall asleep… very early! I can never think why…”


Wendy Turner


Gary: “To people who are thinking about becoming vegan, and who are unsure about having their first vegan Christmas – I say do it.”


“There are many fantastic alternatives out there now. More than ever, in fact, and that means you don’t have to settle for a stuffed pepper and a mushroom risotto. You can have everything a meat-eater has, safe in the knowledge that climatically and animal welfare-wise, it is better for all.”


Wendy: “My advice is don’t overthink it or be pressured into a misguided feeling that you should be creating something with lentils, worthy of a Michelin star!”


“Just look at what you normally have and find the vegan version of it; super-easy nowadays, as the plant-based alternatives to meat are throwing themselves of the supermarket shelves.”


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Peter Egan


Peter Egan – actor and voice for the animals

“A typical Christmas day for me is much like any other. I don’t mean to make it sound boring, because I find most days fascinating anyway. Christmas, as we know it, is very much a time for young children in terms of the element of wonderment, anticipation and surprise, but when that innocent energy has been outgrown, it becomes a day of warmth, kindness and communication.”


“So, I would say that a typical Christmas day for me is avoiding all of the commercial hype and concentrating on spending time with those I really care about – family, friends and, of course, our dogs.”


“My go-to Christmas day menu is one that I now look forward to everyday of the week. It is one that celebrates life in its most complete sense. When you take death off your plate, every day is a celebration. My transition to a plant-based lifestyle is something I celebrate on a daily basis. So, I eat food everyday which makes me happy.”


“My menu will be one that involves all of the roasted veggies and none of the animal products. I love pan-Asian food… I love Mediterranean food… there are so many choices. I’ll post a pic of my meal on the day!”



Victoria Summer


Victoria Summer – English actress, model and singer

“We absolutely love Christmas in my family and celebrate it with lots of traditions. My mother makes her famous vegan, gluten-free mince pies, which we start to have regularly for breakfast from Christmas Eve and make last throughout New Year!”


“It’s also a family tradition to have stockings – those get opened in the morning and presents from around the tree in the afternoon. There is a lot of talking on the phone to family and friends and as much love and laughter as possible. It’s a joyful time!”


“My mother is a super chef. I have been spoilt for years. Last year, she created a pistachio and pomegranate nut roast which was absolutely delicious. This was served with roast potatoes, vegan gravy and a colourful array of vegetables – from roasted parsnips to swede mash to regular peas and carrots. For dessert we always have traditional Christmas pudding, which I love served warm with vegan brandy sauce.”



Jasmine Harman


Jasmine Harman – TV Presenter, Actress and Spokesperson for The Brook – Plant based Feasting 

“Typically we have a huge family get together with a nice dog walk, far, far too much food and lots of presents for the children. They have their stockings from Santa in the morning, and the presents under the tree after Christmas dinner! I don’t know what Christmas is going to be like this year but I suspect, a bit different!”


“We do the whole shebang with something like spiced sweet potato & coconut soup to start, Roast with all the trimmings, we’ll often have several replacements for Turkey including nut roast, lentil roast, pie or Wellington.”


“My husband’s roast potatoes are legendary. Brussels sprouts with chestnuts. Veggies galore. And we always have a creamy leek and mushroom dish which is a bit of a family tradition. Then desserts, Christmas pudding, mince pies, Yule log, custard, and finally a vegan cheese board!”


“Sparkly earrings, sequinned outfit, cheesy Christmas music, a glass of Baileys Almande – all these things get me in the festive mood!”


“I like to give vegan gifts at Christmas, even to the non vegans, so whether it’s a subscription to TVK boxes, a crate of vegan wine, a hamper of vegan cakes or a non wool / silk / leather hat / scarf / gloves etc or vegan beauty products candles, I always make a point of giving vegan gifts.”


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